The Best Part of Tax Season Is the Moment You're Done Filing.

Preparing your income tax return doesn't have to be stressful this year. We can help file your taxes quickly and correctly.

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Many people are anxious when it comes to preparing their income tax returns. They're worried that they may complete the forms incorrectly, forget to claim certain deductions (or take too many!), or just become overwhelmed by the complex and ever-changing rules that make up our tax code.

We can help. When you walk into our office, our tax experts will help organize a complete snapshot of your income and deductions so that we can minimize demands on your time while ensuring not a single tax deduction is missed. Our experienced financial advisors will answer any tax questions you may have and minimize your tax obligation as much as legally possible.

Even better, we'll help you understand how to reduce the income tax you may owe in the future. We believe that a financial plan incorporating strategies for tax minimization is key to long-term financial success. As our client, you will be provided a personalized online dashboard which includes tax saving tips and financial calculators, as well as other useful financial reporting software and tools.

We are independent CPAs with a fiduciary duty to always give advice to the client's benefit and fully disclose any conflicts of interest. We have built our reputation here in Greenwich since 1979 by helping our clients grow their assets while always staying on the right side with the IRS. Our clients range from young couples to small business entrepreneurs to high net worth executives. And, since we give all of them individualized attention, we're very proud to note that our client retention rate is over 99%.

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There’s no need to dread filing your tax return. Call 203-967-2231 to start on a better financial path.

Income Tax Services Provided by Our Team of Tax Expert CPAs

Whether you need tax filing help, tax or investment advice, or guidance solving tax problems, we can be of assistance. Call 203-967-2231.

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation (Form 1040)
  • Partnership Income Tax Preparation (Form 1065)
  • Corporate Income Tax Preparation (Form 1120 & 1120S)
  • Trust & Estate Income Tax Preparation (Form 1041)
  • Estate Tax Preparation (Form 706)
  • Gift Tax Preparation (Form 709)
  • Tax Authority Representation
  • Tax Planning
  • Probate Accounting

Managing Your Money Begins With Keeping It in the First Place

Maximizing deductions and lowering your tax obligation is the first step toward taking charge of your finances. As tax experts, we can confirm that you're taking as many deductions as the law allows (and not a penny more). Best of all, the money you save can then be put to work for you, whether that means living a little more extravagantly now, investing in your current portfolio, or developing a plan for the future. Either way, lowering your taxes means you get to keep more of what you've worked so hard to earn.

It All Started With Income Tax Prep in Greenwich, CT

Our founder, Joseph M. Dowling, made a name for himself as an honest, reliable, and forward-thinking CPA you could count on for the best tax advice in Greenwich. Ever since then, we have sought out CPAs and other professionals who carry the same values we prize so highly. Our clients appreciate the knowledge, attention to detail, integrity and creativity we bring to the table. We are proud to be a family business, doing our part to improve life in Greenwich and beyond by sponsoring and assisting local charities, including groups benefitting children, the elderly, and animal care.

We’re ready to help. Call 203-967-2231 to make an appointment, meet us, and ask questions.

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