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Risk Management

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Risk Management: The Art of Avoiding Bad Situations

Dealing With the "Facts of Life"

Part of accounting for the eventualities of life includes insurance. No financial plan is complete without assessing the risks having to do with health, auto, home, life, disability, or long term care, and addressing them as necessary. It may also be to your advantage to add "boutique" riders to your plan, to limit exposure in special situations (see sidebar.)

It's hard to overstate the comfort that comes of having adequate coverage from reliable insurers. It is equally important that you get unbiased recommendations for appropriate coverage. Every person's risk tolerance is different, so each person's insurance needs must be tailored to suit his or her needs.

We don't sell insurance. We review your policies from an unbiased and independent perspective. We analyze your existing policies for inconsistencies, overlaps or gaps. We will recommend steps to take to mitigate your risk, and can request quotes on your behalf from our network of insurers.