The Best Part of Tax Season Is That Moment When You're Done Filing.

We Can Get You There Sooner.

Filing your income tax doesn't have to be stressful this year.

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We're not interested in grinding out tax forms by the thousands. Instead, we believe that every single client that walks through our door deserves a close look at his or her situation by a financial expert. Sure, we take time to note down your income and deductions, but then we work to help you sketch out the bigger picture. Where would you like your finances to end up? What's the path to get there? These are the questions that help you get proactive about your future. We are an independent, unbiased financial services group, and we have built our business on helping people in Connecticut and New York chart their financial paths since 1979.

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This can be the year you start directing a better financial path. Tax season is a great time to start.

Managing Your Money Begins With Keeping It in the First Place

Lowering your tax obligation is the first step toward taking charge of your finances. And an expert can confirm that all you're taking as many deductions as the law allows — and no more. Best of all, that money can then be put to work for you, whether that means living a little more extravagantly now, or investing it for the future. Either way, lowering your taxes means you get more say in what happens to your earnings.

Income Tax Preparation Is at the Heart of Our Company

Our founder, Joseph M. Dowling, made a name for himself in Old Greenwich as a shrewd and honest CPA you could count on for top-notch tax advice. Throughout the life of the company, we have sought out CPAs and other professionals that could carry the same values we prize so highly. Our clients appreciate the knowledge, attention to detail, integrity and creativity we bring to the table.

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